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We believe that the primary task for our generation is to build a new American strategy attuned to the pressing realities of our time. This framework must be comprehensive of the major regions and dimensions of U.S. power and interests. It must also be willing to challenge established wisdom and inertia in U.S. national security policy and related fields.

Classics and Strategy, book by Dr. Jakub Grygiel, now available for purchase:

by Jakub Grygiel 

Classic texts – whether by Roman historians such as Tacitus or Greek tragedians such as Aeschylus or Florentine diplomats such as Francesco Guicciardini – give us important, and even unusual, insights into strategy. They certainly do not supply a ready-made strategy that could be applied to a specific security problem we face now. But they can open for us new or forgotten ways of thinking about threats and the competitive security environment, offering a perspective that is missing in modern intellectual and educational circles. Free of technical jargon and without abstractions, classics favor simplicity over simplification, privilege practical insights over abstraction, and elevate the role of individuals over impersonal trends and institutions. And they describe the motivations and the drivers behind men’s actions, the core of any strategy. This book brings back some of these classic writers, examining their thoughts on strategy and politics.
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The Strategy of Denial

by Elbridge Colby 

The most informed and in-depth reappraisal of America’s defense strategy in decades, this book outlines a rigorous but practical approach, showing how the United States can prepare to win a war with China that we cannot afford to lose—precisely in order to deter that war from happening.
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Sharing the Load: Developing Better Strategies for Burden Sharing

by Elbridge Colby with Robert Almelor Delfeld

The purpose of this study is to provide a strategic framework which the United States can use to lead to better burden sharing outcomes, in turn driving greater and more aligned efforts by Washington’s allies and partners.
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Building a Strategy for Escalation and War Termination

by Elbridge Colby and Yashar Parsie 

This paper examines the necessity for the United States to formulate a theory of success in a conflict over Taiwan that includes denial but also indicates how to favorably manage escalation – that is, achieving its strategic-political goals without, at a minimum, precipitating a massive attack on the United States.
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Statement of Elbridge A. Colby to the Special Committee on the Canada-China Relationship, House of Commons of Canada

by Elbridge Colby

Thank you very much for the invitation to testify. It is a great honor to be able to submit testimony to this important and timely Committee. Whether we like it or not, the world has now entered into an era of great power rivalry. While the United States and China are the two primary poles in this new old world, everyone – including Canada – will be profoundly affected.
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Zeitenwende – German Defence Policy in an Era of Great Power Conflict: Keynote Remarks

by Elbridge Colby

“The Zeitenwende is thus an historic and enormously commendable step by Germany, as it points in the direction of a truly collaborative solution to this global set of problems we as allies now face …”
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Strategic Sequencing: How Great Powers Avoid Multi-Front War

by A. Wess Mitchell

This paper examines how four great powers in history have handled simultaneity …
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Association of the United States Army LANPAC: Keynote Remarks

by Elbridge Colby

“Our empowerment, our bolstering of military efforts is focused on denial – a goal that is in the most basic sense defensive …”
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Economic Interdependence Will Not Deter U.S.-China War

by Christopher Vassallo

Economic ties linking the U.S. with China are insufficient to prevent a war …
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Realizing the Contact & Blunt Layers in Europe and Asia

by Elbridge Colby and Jakub Grygiel (with Yashar Parsie)

The purpose of this study is to provide a strategic framework for how the U.S. should think about and act toward allies and partners in an era defined by great power competition…
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October 31, 2022

Former Trump advisor warns Europe against Joe Biden: He is sending the wrong signals

Politiken | Europeans hate to listen to people like him: But Donald Trump's former deputy defense secretary Elbridge Colby warns Europeans not to think the US will defend them as fiercely as it did during the Cold War. Taiwan and Asia have become more important to the US than Ukraine and Europe....
October 28, 2022

Why Japan Belongs in AUKUS: Tokyo Has Proved Its Mettle as a Security Partner

Foreign Affairs | Although none of the countries in AUKUS have publicly acknowledged any discussion of Japan’s inclusion in the alliance, some officials and former officials have expressed support for the move....
October 25, 2022

The Russia China Partnership: A Challenge to the World Order?

U.S. Naval Institute | The U.S. Naval Institute gathered government, military, and academic leaders to discuss great power competition and the influences and factors that are shaping the Russian and Chinese worldviews. ....
October 23, 2022

‘Distinct intensification’ of concerns about Taiwan

Sky News Australia | Former US deputy assistant secretary of defence Elbridge Colby says there’s a “distinct intensification” of concerns about Taiwan in the near-term....
October 22, 2022

無駄にする時間はない 日米は同盟強化へ手を尽くせ (There is no time to waste, Japan and the United States must do everything possible to strengthen the alliance)

Wedge Magazine (Japan) | China responded to U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan in August with large-scale military exercises. What is the path that Japan should take as "Taiwan emergency" becomes more realistic? What is China's internal situation? ...
October 19, 2022

Taiwan’s New Security Challenges: Economic and Military Security

Express UK | About the event: Taiwan is increasingly being tested by both military and economic security pressures from China. Beijing’s stepped-up manned and unmanned military activities and imposition of greater economic and military costs on other countries engaging in otherwise regular diplomatic.....
October 19, 2022

Top US official warns Xi Jinping plots to invade Taiwan ‘much faster’: ‘Different China’

Express UK | Following Mr Blinken's comments, Elbridge Colby, co-founder and principal of US strategy group The Marathon Initiative, said Washington must react to China’s mobilisation in kind......
October 19, 2022

‘Not Sure Taiwan’s Going to Survive,’ Defense Expert Warns of Xi’s Push for ‘Reunification’

The Daily Signal | “So, now it’s sort of pretty clear that the Chinese are thinking seriously of making a move. So, why aren’t we acting like it?” says Elbridge Colby, a former deputy assistant secretary of defense for strategy and force development in the Defense Department......
October 18, 2022

US, Japan Australia should be on ‘mobilisation footing’ for potential war with China

The Australian | “Why are we not on a national mobilisation footing? If we get in a war we will have to be, but by then it may be too late,” said Mr Colby on social media on Tuesday (Wednesday AEDT).....
October 16, 2022

Trying to solve the defense industry supply chain crunch

CNBC | The war in Ukraine and tensions with China have exacerbated a military supply chain that was already stretched thin. Can the defense industry adapt to the current climate of uncertain international politics?....