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We believe that the primary task for our generation is to build a new American strategy attuned to the pressing realities of our time. This framework must be comprehensive of the major regions and dimensions of U.S. power and interests. It must also be willing to challenge established wisdom and inertia in U.S. national security policy and related fields.

No Sanctuary: The PLA’s Kinetic Threat to the Homeland

by William Kim and Elbridge A. Colby

Without adequate U.S. preparations, a large-scale—or even small but effectively targeted— PLA strike against the United States could be devastating, not only in terms of direct costs but on the ability of the United States to wage a war.
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Getting Strategic Deprioritization Right

by A. Wess Mitchell and Jakub Grygiel, Principal Co-Investigators; Elbridge A. Colby and Matt Pottinger, Contributors

Project prepared for the Office of Net Assessment, United States Department of Defense. Published with approval from the Office of Net Assessment.
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Sino-American Competition, Global Strategy, and the Place of the Middle East

by David Hale

The Middle East has for so long dominated the United States’ vision of its threats that it has come to distort the latter’s picture of the globe; a correction of these distortions is overdue. The United States also has a significant, if at present strained, informal alliance structure in the region and considerable assets — soft and hard — that should not be abandoned. What is needed is a sense of proportion, balance, and conceptual coherence for the partnerships among the United States and like-minded Middle Eastern states to guide the re-prioritization inherent in the idea of a rational pivot.
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27th Annual Economist Government Roundtable: Keynote Remarks

A. Wess Mitchell

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November 10, 2023

Will Hamas abide by Israel’s 4-hour daily pauses?

Fox Business | Former Defense official Elbridge Colby and Ret. Lt. Col. James Carafano discuss the latest in the Israel-Hamas war on 'The Evening Edit......
November 9, 2023

[인터뷰: 콜비 전 국방부 부차관보] “중국, 한국에 대해 경제적 패권 추구할 것…미중 제로섬 관계” // [Interview: Colby, former Deputy Secretary of Defense] “China will pursue economic hegemony over Korea…”

VOA Korea | Former Defense Deputy Deputy Minister for Strategy and Power Development Elbridge Colby said that China will use its military power to pursue economic hegemony over Asian countries such as Korea...........
November 6, 2023

The Case for Prioritizing Taiwan Over Ukraine

Baltimore Council on Foreign Affairs | Former Pentagon official Elbridge Colby addresses the Baltimore Council on Foreign Affairs on various subjects, including Ukraine, Taiwan, defense prioritization and more.........
November 3, 2023

AUKUS going to ‘face challenges’ and is ‘at risk of falling apart’

The Australian | Former US deputy assistant secretary of defence Elbridge Colby says the trilateral security partnership between Australia, the UK, and the US, in acquiring nuclear-powered submarines (AUKUS) is at risk of falling apart.........
November 2, 2023

Elbridge Colby on ‘Ingraham Angle’: We Absolutely Are Seeing Greater Coordination

Fox News | Former Trump defense official Elbridge Colby and former NSC senior official Richard Goldberg criticize President Biden's handling of the Israel-Hamas war on 'The Ingraham Angle.'.....
November 1, 2023

Three Foreign-Policy Illusions

The Wall Street Journal | Bad leaders alone don’t cause conflict, global governance has failed, and trade doesn’t create peace.....
October 30, 2023

Spanish Verison – Elbridge Colby, ex asesor del Pentágono: “Estados Unidos no está preparado para una guerra de alta intensidad con China”

Descifrando La Guerra | Pero, en general, no se está moviendo ni de lejos con la urgencia, la escala o la velocidad necesarias para hacer frente a la amenaza que supone China. .........
October 30, 2023

English Version – Elbridge Colby, former Pentagon advisor: “The United States is not ready for a high-intensity war with China”

Descifrando La Guerra | But overall the Biden Administration is not moving with anywhere near the requisite urgency, scale, or speed to address the threat China poses.........
October 26, 2023

Sixth Annual Christianity & National Security Conference

Providence Magazine | Elbridge Colby addresses Providence Magazine’s Sixth Annual Christianity & National Security Conference on the subject of the morality of the Strategy of Denial, and stewardship in foreign policy.......
October 20, 2023

Protectionism in Grand Strategy

Nixon Grand Strategy Summit | Richard Nixon Foundation’s Grand Strategy Summit - October 19, 2023 "Protectionism in Grand Strategy" Featuring Elbridge Colby, Ro Khanna, and moderated by Joe Kernen..........