Paul Poast: Biden’s Foreign Policy Looks an Awful Lot Like Trump’s

August 25, 2023

If there is one foreign policy legacy of Biden’s Democratic Party predecessor in the White House, Barack Obama, it is the lack of a foreign policy legacy. Many of the signature foreign policy achievements of Obama’s time in office, from the Paris climate agreement to the Iran nuclear deal, were immediately scuttled by the man who succeeded him in office, Donald Trump. The Biden administration seems determined to avoid a similar outcome should it lose the Presidential election in 2024 or a member of the Republican Party becomes president after 2028. His administration might just pull off its goal. But that’s because the foundation the Biden administration is building is, in turn, being built on another foundation: the foreign policy of his Republican predecessor, Donald Trump.

World Politics Review

Elbridge Colby is co-founder and principal of The Marathon Initiative, a policy initiative focused on developing strategies to prepare the United States for an era of sustained great power competition.